The paintings are on canvas painted whit acryl. The motives were taken with a camera of the Iphone. The images was gripped all in the Engadin a valley in the south part of Switzerland in the alps. These pictures served as a pattern fort he drawings on canvas. Size 150×150 cm.


The theme of these wood drawings is the light and a tree. The light in the Engadin, the clear light oft the mountain sky should show a perfect harmony and peace. The trees  and the forest are symbols of home and security. The wood images should represent the peace you can finde in the nature of the Engadin. The strong but also fleeting trees are also symbolic for life and the light represents the endless energy.


The images are very personal. The family of my father and myself grew up in the valley of the Engadin. As a child I often spend my time in nature and I am still often in the Engadin where I can finde peace and relaxation from the big city.


I would like to give the beholder the same feeling I have when I am in my home valley.


A continuative project is to paint the trees on a building in a city in the original size.


The most common trees in the Engadin are fir trees an pines. The swiss stone pine gets to 30 meter high, the larches and spruces up to 40 to 60 meters.