Deceptive Translucent

The shine of the transparency can be deceptive. Clear lines and visible forms induce the assumption of an obvios structure. In this view are burnings calculable. This circumstance lead to challanges to generate new dimensions and outputs.

This work was developed from the exhibition-project „RAUM“ which means „SPACE“. The topic of the  exhibition was transparency / intransparency. This exhibition took not place in a classic white space but in the foyer in front of a concert room in the buliding of the Toni-Areal, the building in which the school of ZHdK is located. The architecture of the Toni offers a constant mutual observation. The observation through the schoolmanagement and the securities becomes easy because of the windows in all rooms and cameras. In contrast to it stands the opacity of the administrative processes and of the organisation.

„RAUM“ was a exhibition-row organised of students from the department art & media of ZHdK on which all students could take part of.

I was a member of the organisation crew. We organised two exhibitions per semester.